Hi! My name is Ivana Gutierrez, but online I go by Ivy.

Ivana (Ivy) Gutierrez

I am currently attending two Graduate Schools: Faculty of Political Science (FPZG) for a MA in Journalism and Centre for Croatian Studies where I hope to obtain MA in Communication Science/PR. I graduated Journalism at FPZG, University of Zagreb (Croatia) in June, 2012 with summa cum laude.

I was elected a member of the Student Council at FPZG in 2013. I volunteer at the same school as a student teaching assistant for prof.dr.sc. Dražen Lalić (class: Political communication).

I am currently working on my two theses, but I used to run the blog at  domain.me as executive editor. I was part of Netokracija‘s team until October 2013, in several roles from journalist to PR manager. I used to work as a community manager for a book publishing company, as well.

I speak Croatian (native), English (C2), Italian (B2) and Spanish (B1).



Now that the official part is over, let’s go through some less boring facts. :) I own a very spoiled dog, as you can see on the picture on the left. Unfortunately, as much as I adore cats, I will never have one since I am allergic to them. That does not prevent me to cuddle my friends’ cats to death, I just deal with the consequences later.

My blog features different categories and I do not update it as much as I would like to. All the content you will find on this website is mine, unless stated otherwise. Please be kind and do not alter my work and use it as your own. You are allowed to redistribute my texts, but please mention the author and link back to the original. Also, please contact me for permission to use my photography.

You can contact me via the contact form on this website. If you want to see some of my previous work online, feel free to check out the following websites:


Njam Njam an online cookbook that started as a student project for a class called "PR and new media".
I ran this project as manager and webmistress (March 2012 - July 2013) before leaving it to a new team.
Language: Croatian


.ME is a ccTLD of the Republic of Montenegro. They have an official blog of the .ME domain name team, which I joined in February 2012. I was a proud executive editor working with a wonderful group of bloggers until October 2013.
Language: English


Netokracija is a web magazine about internet business, marketing and culture. I wrote for the website from January 2012 to May 2013.
You can find all of my articles here, but my favourites are the ones about SOPA/PIPA and ACTA.
Language: Croatian